> Hello.
> I have a VDR box in the basement doing most of my recording.  It has a 
> PVR-500 and DVB-C TT-1500 card in it and it runs vdr-1.5.6.
> Upstairs I have a fanless box in the living room running vdr-1.5.12.
> Recordings sourced from the PVR-500 have stuttering sound when played on 
> the fanless box through the FF output, but not when test-played through 
> vdr-xine.  The sound doesn't stutter at all when played on the basement 
> box.
> Below is mplayer's attempt at identifying each 001.vdr file.  Only 
> difference seems to be the format being 720x576 or 704x576.
> What other tests can I run????  Any ideas?

I've now recorded a series of recordings sourced from the PVR-500 (via 
pvrinput plugin) and the DVB-C card - and it's not conclusive.  I can't 
repeat the problem with any new recordings.

All I know is, I have a few 720x576 recordings made which, on playback 
through the DVB-C FF card, have stuttered sound.  Playback on the same box 
with vdr-xine do not have stuttered sound.

Any ideas? 

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