Morfsta wrote:
>> Is there a way to use more than a card with it when only one is DVB-S2
>> capable ?
> I just dropped a mail to Reinhard asking the same question. My
> "production" system runs 2 DVB-T cards that currently don't work with
> vdr-1.5.12 / multiproto. I would love to start using it full time but
> until I can get support for DVB-T then it won't be possible.
> There's two ways you can do this I believe, port the dvb-t driver
> properly to the new multiproto tree or modify VDR to fall back to the
> old interface to tune the driver if the new one fails.
> I know that it is possible to use the old interface because when I use
> vdr-1.4.7 with the multiproto tree it works fine for DVB-T, however I
> am not sure where to start coding this into either VDR and I'm not
> sure my skills are that hot at the driver level!
> If someone could provide some pointers here, that would be great (Manu
> or Reinhard?)

Over here, tests were done on STB0899, STV0299 and TDA10021 based
all work out of the same multiproto tree (


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