Dear Fritz!Box- and VDR-Users,

a new version of the Fritz!Box Plugin is available at

Pay attention to the new setup option "country code" which should be
set to the own country code, i.e., "+49" for Germany. As this is the
default, only users not living in Germany need to change this.

- - -

The Fritz!Box Plugin connects to your Fritz!Box to inform you about
incoming calls. The plugin can automatically mute or pause VDR when a
call comes in.

Via VDR's main menu you can browse your Fritz!Box phone book, the call
lists and initiate calls out of all lists.

- - -

The last changes are:
2008-01-06: Version 0.0.10
- including patch to avoid compilation conflicts with C++ STL
  (suggested by Reinhard [11])
- normalizing numbers before comparison, e.g., handling +4989..., 004989...,
  and 089 the same. This introduces a new setup option "Country Code".
  (suggested by Reinhard [11])
- applied retry delay on communication failures to _all_ connection types
- applied retry delay on receiving invalid data in cFritzListener to
avoid log flooding
  (reported by Marcus [21])
- added a warning regarding call monitor activation in syslog
- fixed cTcpClient to correctly detect a connection reset

- - -


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