I can't get Reinhard's h.264/dvb-s2 patches and multiproto to work when 
running both dvb-s2 and dvb-t at the same time. Dvb-t works if I don't 
load the dvb-s modules and dvb-s(2) works if I don't load the dvb-t 
modules but it doesn't work with both.
Instead I'm currently running my dvb-t vdr on my server as usual and 
another vdr with dvb-s2 on one of my diskless clients. However, 
recording hd channels over nfs and simulaneously streaming it to my 
other diskless client overloads my network. Therefore I'm interested to 
know how hard it would be to modify vdr so I can run one vdr process 
with, say /dev/dvb/adapter0-3 and a second one on adapter4? Where do I 
start looking? Is it doable?

I tried running a virtual Ubuntu on my Mandriva server and used dvb-t 
usb sticks on the ubuntu but usb in vmware wasn't stable enough, at 
least on my attempts.

/Magnus H

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