Ludwig Nussel schrieb:

> Since the lirc thread doesn't do anything except waiting for input
> most of the time it should be scheduled quickly anyways. Maybe the
> useless select timeout destroys that advantage somewhat.

I don't think so. In my case (i. e. on my EPIA MII-6000E), there
are a lot of other threads from xine-lib for example which cause
already noticeable load and due to the xine-lib design, boost
their priority a bit on their own (e. g. the video out thread).

> Also if multiple lines in the buffer are a problem what about
> changing the code to consume only one line at a time instead of
> messing with thread priorities?

The patch addresses this issue already. But VDR processes these
button presses with almost no delay so they will be dropped.

I think, the LIRC protocol misses a timestamp for each button
press. Or an even more favorable solution would be to put the
timeout and frequency processing into LIRC and have VDR to
process each key as it arrives, just like with the KBD remote.

I've first tried to process each key as it arrives but the result
wasn't useable as the remote used a too short repeat delay. So
most often, one moved on for two items instead of one (per button

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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