Hi list,

I've improved the hard link cutter patch. The new 0.2.0 version has 
support for multiple /videoXX folders. The new patch tries to find a 
compatible /videoXX folder that can hold a hard link for each file. Deep 
mounted video folders (like mount to /video/nfs-server/ or 
/video/usb-disk/) should work too.

WARNING: As I don't use multiple /videoXX folders myself, this feature 
is only minimally tested, and should be used with EXTREME CARE. Feedback 
is welcome!

Quick info:
The hard link cutter patch changes the recording editing algorithms of 
VDR to use file system hard links to 'copy' recording files whenever 
possible to speed up editing recordings noticeably.

For a complete list of changes, see web page. Don't miss the 
README-HLCUTTER included in the patch.




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