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Subject: xineliboutput and WSS aspect ratio
Date: Monday 14 January 2008 09:38
From: Raphael Coeffic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Petri Hintukainen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hi Petri,

i'm using at home VDR with your xineliboutput plugin for a few month, which
 is really a good software in my opinion.

The TV card i'm using is a Hauppauge PVR 250 (analog with hardware encoder,
 no decoder). As the card is able to embed VBI data (Teletext, WSS, etc...),
 i am wondering if i could use that information to set the correct cropping /
 aspect ratio.

The story begun as i noticed that the autocrop post plugin included with
xineliboutput had a pretty hard time detecting letterbox 16:9 format on my
host. During 16:9 broadcasts, it does most of the time just nothing. Then,
maybe once every 10s, it would enable cropping during 1s and immediatly
switch back to 4:3 format.

That's why i thought, i could use the Wide Screen Signal (WSS) to detect 16:9
letterbox without using the autodetection feature included in the autocrop
plugin (which would save some CPU time, and surely work better at my place).

Concerning the VBI data, i will embed them into the MPEG TS, as specified by
EN 301 775 (done in "pvrinput" VDR plugin). Then, i could decode those VBI
data in xineliboutput. Now, this is where your help would be very usefull for
me: i have no idea how to go further from there. Do you have some
suggestions, how i could set the correct cropping parameters from within the
xine frontend?



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