I'm sorry for bothering you with a question that should possibly have been
sent to the mplayer mailing list.
Next week I'm going to Tenerife to relax by the pool, but I don't want to
miss any biathlon, alpine- or cross-country skiing transmissions, because
then I can't relax.... Therefore I have made a script that scans my video
dir for new recordings and starts encoding them to h264/AAC right away to a
bitrate of around 800kbps, which is what I can send from my server. Since I
will have internet access in my hotel room, I'm hoping to sit on the balcony
with my laptop and play the recordings using mplayer or xine while
downloading them.
One problem is that my vdr server is too slow to do it in real time and my
vdr client is too fast (AMD BE-2400), so when mencoder "catches up" with
real-time it exits instead of continuing until the vdr file is closed.
And the same goes for wget which I planned to use for downloading the files.
I guess there are many very simple ways to do this so I hope you don't mind
my wasting your time by asking here.
The obvious way would be to let vdr start encoding when the recording ends,
but I don't want to wait for that. There must be a better way.

/Magnus H

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