Christian Tramnitz schrieb:

> I guess that's caused by an offset defined in the patch:
> vdr-1.5.12-dvbs2-h264-syncearly-framespersec-audioindexer-fielddetection-speedup.diff:
> #define VPID_OFFSET_BASE         10000
> I don't know what it does or is meant to do, but I also have wrong pids 
> in my channels.conf

At the moment, cRemux needs to know whether it has to do MPEG1/2
or H.264. kls didn't want to spend an extra parameter, so we
decided to code this information into Vpid, like polarisation is
coded into frequency.

Regular pid values range from 0 to 8191, and as the value is
stored in decimal system in channels.conf, we chose 10000 as
offset to have the original vpid still readable.

I'm thinking about auto detecting H.264 in cRemux (i. e.
cVideoRepacker), but it may yield wrong results. That's why I
haven't started coding yet.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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