> Well, I think there has been a number of fixes (e.g. to the speedup
> patches and the nit.c file) that probably warrants a new patch for
> 1.5.13 that incorporates them all. 

yes, it will be nice

>I'm sure Reinhard will do that when
> he has a moment, he probably is taking a well deserved break after
> looking into so many issues and fixes for us over the last few weeks!

yes, thanks again, Reinhard 

> With all of the required patches, fixes and tweaks for VDR / FFMPEG /

ah, FFmpeg !!!
I'm sure, now ffmpeg (as software h.264 decoder) is really weak chain in the 
Linux-hdtv-dvb, NOT multiproto and others dvb-s2 stuff. No multithreading in 
ffmpeg for single slice decoding, no support for spatial direct mode for 
interlaced pictures. It's seems nobody in ffmpeg-devel list want to work with 
this points. :(


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