> > I see a lot of channels that are not supported in VDR because of
> > unsupported spatial direct mode in FFMPEG.
> > 
> > This has probably been covered before (mostly in German!) but Reinhard
> > could you explain what is spatial direct mode and why is it currently
> > not covered in FFMPEG. Is it quite complex to code up? Do you know if
> > there are any plans to support it?
> I'm sorry, haven't read in the spec for this issue yet. But it
> looks like there is currently no one willing to implement it on
> ffmpeg-devel mailing list.

yes, exactly. Second bottleneck of Ffmpeg - the incomplete multithreading 
support for single slice coding video. 

> Maybe Igor may post some links which enable xine-lib to use
> coreavc. Igor mentioned, that coreavc supports spatial direct mode.

yes, exactly
and the coreavc has full multithreading support, too.
So, I will try to prepare the summary from our VDR-Russian forum about coreavc 
for linux with xine


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