Jouni Karvo wrote:
> Antti Seppälä kirjoitti:
>> Try lowering the value of ABITRATE found in from 320 to
>> e.g. 192. After such a modification the stream worked fine for me.
> Hi,
> this does not seem to help.
> I have three test channels now, all of which give the video:
> - The Albanian Rrokum TV - which gives also audio.
> - Bahn TV - only video.  Even with ab=192
> - BBC One premier (via  Only video
> My xine has w32 (from xine's output:
> load_plugins: plugin 
> /usr/local/lib/xine/plugins/1.1.9/ found
> )

Since you have at least one channel which works it leads me to believe
that iptv plugin is working and the problem could still be in the
transcoding or playback process.

Here's how you can try to investigate a bit more:

Set up a vlc for transcoding in a similar fashion as to how iptv plugin
uses it. For example the following command will do just that for Bahn TV:

--intf dummy

Now open another instance of vlc to play back the transcoded stream:

vlc udp://@:4321

If the stream works perfectly, you can close the playback vlc and try to
play with xine:

xine udp://

Notice how my examples hardcode the udp port to 4321. If you want to
change it, remember to do so to every command.

If there's no audio on either of the players you are likely to have
something wrong with your vlc installation. If vlc works but xine
doesn't then xine cannot for some reason decode the audio stream.

> The script sets VPID=parameter+1, APID=parameter+2, SPID=parameter+3
> (I wonder why, since if you want to receive simultaneously two 
> consecutive parameter things, they overlap anyway).

We try to use pids to make the channels separable from each other.
Overlapping should not be a problem because multiple streams are sent to
different udp ports (and different iptv devices as well). You can of
course modify the script and use different pids if you like.

> When looking at the stream info, they show PIDs like 3,4,66.  4,5,66.
> I wonder what this 66 is and why...

I think it is the default PMT pid of vlc.

Antti Seppälä

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