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> Any detailed information would help. Note that there are currently three 
> versions of the most recent patch available. The "1.4.7" version should 
> work for 1.4.x and up to 1.5.9, the "1.5.12" version should do 
> 1.5.10-1.5.12, and the "1.5.13" works with latest VDR.
> The main changes focus on cutter.c and videodir.c, plus some smaller 
> changes on other files.

Oops, I was trying the version for vdr-1.5.12 against 1.5.13... it apply
clean with the good version :-)

Oops, no, there is a problem when using
which is a must have for me...

I like the idea of Hard Link Cutter, but I will stay with the
cut_in_place for the time being.

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