I have an app that retrieves EPG data via SVDRP, but the enconding (or 
something related) is fubar and characters like åäö (å ä and 
ö) are all wrong in the data I display. What is the encoding used for 
the EPG data? I've tried forcing UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 and whatnot and all I 
get for those characters is garbage.

What should I really be trying to interpret the data as? My VDR system and the 
desktop where I run my app use en_US.UTF-8 system but I assume the DVB 
standard specifies something else for the data?

If I do a normal telnet connection to the SVDRP port and do some LSTE the data 
is fine, the special characters stay special. PEBKAC, but where?

Best regards,
    Jan Ekholm


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