>> Intermittantly I try and switch to a channel and I get a "Channel not
>> available" message.  After switching back and forth between channels,
>> finally the channel will select, and everything's ok.
> Maybe your CAM needs longer than TS_SCRAMBLING_TIMEOUT (default is 3 
> seconds)
> to start decrypting. You can try increasing that number in device.c.
> It is also very likely that I am going to remove the two lines
>       && !cDevice::SwitchChannel(1) // ...or the next higher available 
> one...
>       && !cDevice::SwitchChannel(-1)) // ...or the next lower available 
> one
> from vdr.c, in order to allow switching to a channel where the CAM needs
> quite a long time, for instance to collect new keys because it hasn't
> been tuned to an encrypted channel for a while.

Might be related to tuning to a channel which hasn't been tuned to for a 
while.  Here's a short sequence that will cause it:
-tune to movies1 boquet 1
-channel not available, vdr skips to movies2 boquet 2
-persistent back and forth between movies1 & movies2, after 5th attempt, 
channel changes to movies1
-change to food boquet3, channel not available and vdr skips to E! boquet1
-persistent back and forth, then changes to food boquet3
-repeat changing to movies1 & movies2 and the above sequence happens again

But - if I'm persistent and get movies1(bq1), movies2(bq2) and movies3(bq1) 
to come up, I can use Up/Down to flick one to the other over and over very 
quickly.  If I leave it on movies1(bq1) for more than a few seconds, I get 
the problem when trying to change.

It doesn't seem to be a problem consistent with specific channels either.

I've tried increasing the TS_SCRAMBLING_TIMEOUT to 6 seconds, and it just 
takes longer for the channel not available message - doesn't stop the 
problem happenning.

Any other ideas? 

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