On Tue, 15 Jan 2008, Sebastian Dellit wrote:

> I hope my idea is simple. many Any users use a braille display and
> speech to access the vdr. Is it possible to create a femon skin which
> show the information in plain text on the OSD? E. g. the developer of
> the lastfm-plugin has include a function. You can change between
> graphic and text display. If you select the text version all
> informations (title, track etc.) can read with an braille display. The
> plugin also use a function to select the refresh rate of the display.
> If you select "0" you can always refresh the display manual. The
> femon plugin IMHO needs a simular function.

I'm not familiar with Braille displays, so how does it detect text in 
order to translate it to speech? Femon is drawing text with the same OSD 
methods as the core VDR, so if you can hear VDR's menus, you should be 
able to hear the femon menus also. The default refresh rate is quite 
high, but you can tweak it in plugin's setup menu. So the only problem 
might be the massive amount of infomation shown on current 

If I understood you correctly, you'd like to get only essential 
signal/stream information on a simple menu that can be refreshed on 
demand? Now the real question is, what kind of information is essential 
for you?


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