Morfsta wrote:
>> I guess so, but I'm not going to ;-)
>> This new driver appears to be stable enough now - at least I've
>> been using it for a few days now without problems.
> The new driver is fine, but what you might find is that new card and
> features being released into the stock v4l mercurial tree aren't being
> backported into multiproto - its been fairly static for awhile.

I have pushed out a tree which is now a merged version of v4l-dvb and the
multiproto trees and is available at
(As of now, insufficient tests, after the merge, please test)

A point to note is that, in the build (for me 2.6.21) the stk-webcam in the
v4l-dvb tree was broken and hence is broken in the updated multiproto
tree as well.

You will need to disable the stk-webcam build in that tree, in case you are
using an older kernel.


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