Le lundi 28 janvier 2008 à 12:07 +0100, Ondrej Wisniewski a écrit :

> > There is a problem with xine, the openchrome driver and VDR. You are too
> > slow - I am seeing 9-12% CPU with current openchrome even with this bug.
> > 
> > I am using vdr-xine rather than xineliboutput
> that was not the answer I was hoping for ;-)
> Are you saying that there is a bug regarding OSD usage with the 
> combination xine, openchrome and VDR? Can you explain a little more? Any 
> ways around that?

Sorry I forgot to say I am using Fedora Core 8. There is an issue with
libxcb and threads - it is fixed in OpenSuze10.3 says Reinhard.

With the OSD I have increase in CPU load and, in the terminal I am
running Xine from, warning that I don't have enough colors etc. Can't
zap from horizontal to vertical polarization.

Screen goes blue and VDR restarts

I am currently using the multiproto driver linked from the 1.5.14

> Regarding CPU load I need to check that again at home. I was reporting 
> the overall CPU load on my PC. I should probably check just the 
> consumption of VDR and sxfe. To complicate things the VDR get's it's 
> videostream using streamdev-client from the server box.

OK 26% total on M10000 is about the same as mine

xine 11% average
X     3-4%
vdr   3-4%
+ other proccessus



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