I recently added to my single-FF-card VDR-box a second card, it's a 
It's working fine with the multiproto dirvers and vdr-1.5.14, i can watch 
SDTV on the nexus-s' tv out or HDTV (quite well) via vdr-xine.
I have one issue with my dishes. I know that few of the vdr users have 
motorized dish, well I have two of them :) The first one, a 1.8m prime 
focus is controlled fine with Diseqc 1.2 commands in diseqc.conf. But I 
have a second one connected to my S2-3200. Is there any way to control 
this motor via diseqc.conf?



PS. In my old vdr I had a nice patch, which allowed me to easily enter the 
recordings paths with the arrow keys, without typing the folder's name. 
applied the liemikuutio patch to vdr-1.5.14 but i cannot find this 
feature. Where can I find this patch?

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