The xxv project team announce this feature release of xxv-1.1. xxv-1.1
is a release candidate of our next major release for XXV the "Xtreme
eXtension for VDR",its containing a large number of bug fixes and
enhancements and more.

Major changes are :
Database:   Change method of version control
AUTOTIMER:  Add start/stop date to limit date range
MOVETIMER:  New modul: This module move timers between channels.
            Like DVB-S to DVB-T if timer collision detected.
   - Use Linux::Inotify2, to detect new recordings without polling 
   - Add command to recover deleted recordings
   - Add HTTPD Streaming for recording, with start time
   - Add embed player of playback (selectable widget)

Read the full announcement : http://xxv.berlios.de/content/view/39/1/

Please note :
Maybe your must check your installed perl modules, because some new
external perl modules are needed. After the installation of an update,
you should call first always the script contrib/update-xxv.

See also our section with installation hints and tips : 


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