On 02/03/08 17:43, Gregoire Favre wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 02:24:03PM +0000, Jon Burgess wrote:
>> The linux kernel development has been through similar arguments about
>> the merits of the 2.2/2.4/2.6 development models. I can not see any
>> negatives in releasing a new stable version. 
> It's hard to compare VDR to kernels : VDR is maitained exclusively by
> Klaus, so If there is a "stable" release, he would have to spent lots of
> time in the stable branch before coming to the new devel branch again.
> If you look at the VDR code quality, and stability of the compiled code,
> I would say, we already have a stable branch in respect to usability :-)

Well, then documenting that by calling it 1.6.0 now can't be that wrong ;-).

>> Those that require  DVB-S2/H.264 can carry on using the development
>> tree. Those that want the other new features from 1.5 can use the new
>> stable release without getting dragged into requiring a non-distro
>> kernel and frequent updates.
> No, I doubt there will be two branches at the same time...

Once a 1.6.0 is out, there will only be bugfixes in it.
No more changes to interfaces, functionality etc.

Development will immediately resume with version 1.7.0.
And there doesn't necessarily need to be a stable 1.8.0 - the next
stable that includes DVB-S2 and H.264 could get the magical version
number 2.0.0 ;-).


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