I usually lurk here so my vote represents the 'user' community more than
the 'dev'..

Yes to stable 1.6.0 with current kernel-drivers - VDR needs new users
that can get it running easily out of the box with a debian bare bones
install. The people who want HDTV support are going to go with the
dev-releases anyway.

Yes to switching to TS recording, maybe review the metadata fileformats
a bit and allow more extendability and plugin data store there (no XML
pretty please!)

Yes to ttextsubs too (oh sorry you didn't ask! ;)

- Vaizki

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Subject: [vdr] Straw poll: stable version 1.6.0 now?

There has been some controversy about my recent decision to
move forward and require the "multiproto" driver for VDR in
the developer version. It is also currently rather unclear
whether the current PES recording format can be kept to handle
HDTV, or whether it would make sense (or even be feasible)
to switch to TS (as suggested by the people from RMM).

In order to take the edge of this, I was wondering if it would
make sense to revoke the switch to the "multiproto" driver and
go straight towards a stable version 1.6.0 with what is now in
version 1.5.14. This should satisfy all those who are eagerly awaiting
a new stable version, without forcing them to make the driver switch

If we decide to go that way, I would release a version 1.5.15 with
what could become the new stable, wait until like the end of the month
to see whether it still needs some minor fixes, and call it 1.6.0 then.
I know there are still some patches out there that some would expect
to go into the next stable version, but I actually want to prepare VDR
for HDTV before looking into these patches.

So, here's the straw poll:

   Should there be a stable version 1.6.0 now, based on what's in
   version 1.5.14, but without DVB-S2 or even H.264 support?

Yes or No?


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