Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> I believe there is a patch for that, but that's not the way I want to
> implement it.

Yes we have this patch in the (unofficial!) Debian package to support
the ttxtsubs plug-in. The Patch is maintained by Rolf Ahrenberg.


> I want to convert the incoming teletext subtitles to
> DVB subtitles, so that on the recording/display side we only need to deal with
> one type of subtitles.

I think this shouldn't be too hard to do. Would you accept come
contributed coded that does this? Teletext subtitles are just in general
kinda ugly, because somtetimes even the announcement of the teletext
page for the subtitles isn't correctly implemented on the provide side.
This means, you need some way to configure the teletext subtitles page
per channel.

>  (Besides, I guess some day teletext subtitles
> will become obsolete, anyway).

I'm not sure about that. At least the ZDF here in Germany uses DVB
subtitles now, but I don't think the other broadcasters will follow very


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