On Montag, 4. Februar 2008, Füley István wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Feb 2008, Füley István wrote:
> > I have one issue with my dishes. I know that few of the vdr users have
> > motorized dish, well I have two of them :) The first one, a 1.8m prime
> > focus is controlled fine with Diseqc 1.2 commands in diseqc.conf. But I
> > have a second one connected to my S2-3200. Is there any way to control
> > this motor via diseqc.conf?
> Well, I did not manage to control both of my dishes. Right now I'm using 
> the sourcecaps-path, which tells vdr to drive the first dish where he 
> needs, and to stay on one position with the second one.
> Aren't any vdr user who uses two dishes with two cards?

I had once such a system. The problem is currently that you would need
two sets of diseqc setups, one for each dish. But that is currently not 
implemented in VDR. More generally spoken VDR would need a separate 
diseqc.conf for each receiving device.

To circumvent this situation with current VDR you have to use 
a.) the sourcecaps-patch and 
b.) trick around with the diseqc commands: you need to assign the same 
satellite numbers (in the both rotors) for those satellites which can be 
received with both dishes and put corresponding diseqc 1.2 sequences in 


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