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> <Totally off topic and only my opinion>
> A side note : I think most of the No answer comes from people who were
> expecting specific modifications (txtsub, full dvb subtitle, dvb-s2,
> h264, ts recording, ...). IMHO answering no in that case is not very
> adult and comes mainly from the frustration of not having exactly what
> Santa Klaus (I know it's easy) was supposed to bring.
> </Totally off topic and only my opinion>
Albeit there is a lot of truth in your comment, and I do notice some
resemplance to my lines of thinking in your claim, I would like to point out
why I chose NO (which I then changed into yes...):

Ttxtsubs support => No need to patch VDR core in countries using subtitles.
H.264 support => Possibility to use VDR in countries that are passing by
mpeg2 and going straight to h.264 instead

I know that both of those can be achieved with existing patches, but that
will require either a non-vanilla VDR in distribution repositories or
self-compiled VDR. Therefore, if marked as stable in its current state, VDR
will not yet be easier to adopt by new users. It will bring new features and
improvements for many old users, that I will not deny.

I feel like I have been too much on the negative side and fail to remember
at times that this is just a hobby of Klaus', so let me express my thanks to
Klaus for a well chosen hobby that brings joy to a lot of users :)

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