I am trying to use SC version 8.7 to decrypt an Irdeto 1 stream using a
valid set of card credentials. I have placed these credentials in my
IRD-BETA.KID file using the format specified in the examples.
Specifically for the provider ID field I  have used the value "10".
However, SC does not see the keys for these credentials, although they
are clearly being provided as can be seen in an EMM log, and ProgDVB /
Fenrir are able to use this IRD-BETA.KID file to successfully provide
plain keys in windows.

After some playing around I discovered that I could get SC to recognise
the keys if I set the provider ID field to "01". The ca.cache file is
updated accordingly with the plain keys in the cache also having the
value "01" for the provider ID, but SC does not attempt to use them.
Manually changing the provider ID back to "10" in the cache file gives
me pictures while the plain keys remain current.

After some more playing I finally got things to work by patching
cPlainKeys::NewKey in data.c to multiply the provided Id by 16
immediately on entry, but this is now using a non-standard IRD-BETA.KID

I believe that the problem may reside in cProviderIrdeto::MatchEMM which
is returning false unless I use the modified .KID file. However, I am
not sure how this code in parse.c is supposed to work.

While I now have pictures it would be nice not to have to use a
non-standard IRD-BETA.KID and a home grown patch. 

Any one have any ideas? 


Mark Hawes.

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