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> > for hdtv - no.
> > I don't see the h.264 hardware decoding. mpeg4 is not h.264.
> Maybe this thing can be hacked to run vdr or to be used as a front-end:
> http://www.popcornhour.com/

The popcornhour device (network media tank) is not linux :(

The interface looks like Vista's media center edition:

Windows Vista and WMP 11 - Seamless support for Windows Vista and
Windows XP Media Player 11 built-in media server

        WMS HTTP / RTSP Streaming Technology
        Microsoft / Cisco Multicast Streaming Technology
        ISMAv1 RTSP Streaming Technology
        Multicast Streaming Technology
        H.264 / WMV9 HD Streaming and MPEG4 SD format
        WMV9 High / Standard Definition Streaming with Janus DRM (silent
type) capability

I have not heard of a linux solution that supports DRM.

It does have the Sigma SMP8635, which supports the MPEG-4 Part 10,
1080p or High Profile (HiP)

Which is good for when HD-DVD or Blu-Ray becomes affordable. Finding a
device with this chip that runs linux and that is open is becoming
harder as Microsoft appears to corner the market :(

HD-TV dvb-s/dvb-s2 will never reach that profile, so I suspect that in
buying a FF-card will only go up to 1080i or Main Profile (MP) and be
useless for watching a HD content from a compact disc that is 1080p
through vdr :( Unless there is a dxr3 like solution as an add-on
pci/pci-express card.


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