Ondrej Wisniewski wrote:
> This board mounts a CX700M2 chipset which features MPEG2/4 hardware 
> decoding. It has DVI and Y/Pb/Pr video output as well as analog and 
> SPDIF audio (coaxial and optical). So that's everything we need, isn't it.

Well, looks like the people who pointed out that this chip doesn't 
decode h.264 are right. Neither could I find any other decoder chip on 
the VIA web pages that would do that. So this is actually a "no go" for 
the EPIA boards for decoding HD-TV video.  That means I was wrong and we 
really *don't* have the needed hardware *today*, not to mention Linux 

Remains to be seen if VIA (or some other manufacturer) comes up with a 
small, low power consumption MB with h.264 hw decoding or if we see a FF 
DVB-S2 card before that. In the meantime there is no hurry, I'm happy 
with the current VDR :-)


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