I found the problem actually right after sending the email (but it is 
still a bug in xine):

> XINECMD="$XINEPRG -L -A alsa -a spdif --no-splash -g -f -V xv --stdctl 
> vdr://tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes  --post vdr_video --post 
> vdr_audio --verbose=2"

The --stdctl option causes xine to crash if it is used when starting 
from the script...

> gdb backtrace:
> Core was generated by `/usr/local/bin/xine -L -A alsa -a spdif 
> --no-splash -g -f -V xv --stdctl vdr://'.
> Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
> #0  0x080f888c in destroy_oxine (oxine=0x0) at oxine.c:710
> 710       if (oxine->otk) otk_free(oxine->otk);
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x080f888c in destroy_oxine (oxine=0x0) at oxine.c:710
> #1  0x080f8906 in oxine_exit () at oxine.c:731
> #2  0x08050a1c in gui_exit (w=0x0, data=0x0) at actions.c:607
> #3  0x080592d8 in gui_execute_action_id (action=ACTID_QUIT) at event.c:564
> #4  0x0809a6e8 in xine_stdctl_loop (dummy=0x0) at stdctl.c:152
> #5  0xb7c2a240 in start_thread () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libpthread.so.0
> #6  0xb7d0249e in clone () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6
> (gdb)


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