On 02/10/08 11:07, Antti Hartikainen wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 10:46:25AM +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 02/10/08 09:16, Antti Hartikainen wrote:
>>> NumUsableSlots = 4
>> You wrote that you are using only a single budget card.
>> How can a single budget card have 4 CI slots?
>> And all four of these apparently contain a CAM that is ready?!
> Well one slot for each card ;) System has totally 6 DVB-devices, but at the 
> moment of testing only one (1) DVB-T tuner was available for VDR (3 other 
> devices 
> were DVB-S tuners, including FF-card too).

Ah, I see.

> NumUsableSlots is one less when error about channel not being available 
> appears, so slot of this card disappears somewhere?

The slot is used to receive the encrypted channel:

> Change to scrambled channel:
> GetDevice 25 0 1 - 'MTV3 MAX;MTV 
> Oy:658000000:A0B8C23D23G8I0M64P0T8Y0:T:3:304:560=fin:817:B00:209:8438:8193:0
> '
> NumUsableSlots = 4
> ...
> X 1
> Z

The "X 1" output indicates that a DVB card and CAM combination was found
that can decrypt this channel.

> ///// in this point appears "channel not available" -error

Does this message appear immediately after switching to the encrypted
channel, or only after a few seconds?

I assume there are a few seconds between switching to the encrypted
channel and the "channel not available" message, which would indicate that
the CAM is simply not decrypting the channel.

Maybe you could activate the debug outputs in ci.c to see whether VDR
actually sends the CA_PMT data to the CAM.


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