There is also a concept  where you set the RTC-Alarm time to a fixed 
value and let a script calculate what time to set the RTC to to wake up 
at the correct time. Then after wakeup the RTC is readjusted.

It's a bit crude and I can't recall the commen name of this concept. I 
havn't got it working on my system though. It works when started on the 
commandline no when vdr triggers it.

By Benjamin

Kartsa schrieb:
> What different wakeupmethods are there? I've built a few vdr boxes and 
> I've been forced to use different motherboards and they do not all work 
> the same. I've used nvram-wakeup on some and acpi on others when 
> nvram-wakeup has not worked. Now I have Biostar 945GZ 775 SE with which 
> I'm having trouble in starting on timers.
> What methods are people using with VDR?
> \\Kartsa
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