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> In case the decoder doesn't provide the image aspect ratio (and
> it looks like that as you had to provide the image size too),
> you'll have to extract it from the H.264 data yourself (as you
> did already for the image size).

OK - thanks for your help and patience Reinhard.

We are on the right track here. If I hardcode the this->ratio to be
1.8181 all looks good for my channels. However it is a hack and I have
come this far, so I might as well get the rest correct!

I used xinelibout for my H264 parser but Petri Hintukainen skips
parsing of the VUI! I am looking in your h264parser.c in VDR and you
also seem to comment this stuff out!

So, here is my code: -

       if (br_get_bit(&br)) { /* VUI parameters */
          if (br_get_bit(&br)) { /* Aspect Info */
             uint32_t aspect_ratio_idc = br_get_u8(&br);
             printf("H.264 SPS: -> Aspect Ratio IDC %d\n", aspect_ratio_idc);
             const uint32_t Extended_SAR = 255;
             if (aspect_ratio_idc == Extended_SAR) {
                  uint32_t sar_width = br_get_u16(&br);
                  uint32_t sar_height = br_get_u16(&br);
                  printf("H.264 SPS: -> SAR_Size = %dx%d\n",
sar_width, sar_height);

I am getting an Aspect Ratio IDC of 11 so the sar width and height
calcs are not called. What do I need to do here to get the aspect

Thanks again!

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