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>> Well, the spec tells you that aspect_ratio_idc 11 means a sample
>> (pixel) aspect ratio 15:11 (1.3636). And you have 1440 x 1080
>> pixels so the frame aspect ratio yields:
>>        far = 1.3636 * 1440 / 1080 = 1.8181
> Could you give me a link to where you found that please?

I've posted the URL to the spec some weeks ago already. In that
issue, have a look into Annex E.2.1, Table E-1, Page 313.

> Also, I just discovered another problem with this method. I was
> wondering why the performance on HD was so poor and it turns out that
> the picture was being de-interlaced twice, once by CoreAVC for the
> h264 picture and then by xine post plugin (tvtime). When I remove the
> post deinterlacing plugin the performance is much better and now seems
> to decode all the h264 channels I have access to pretty well with ~40%
> idle. However, when I go back to a MPEG2 channel of course the
> deinterlacing is now disabled and it looks terrible!
> Do you know if its possible to enable de-interlacing for only a
> certain picture type(s), or am I looking at this the wrong way?

Simply set the progressive_frame flag.

But use_progressive_frame_flag=0 overrides this information and
will still deinterlace.

To disable it completely for your decoder even in this case, do
not set VO_INTERLACED_FLAG when getting the frame.

Have a look into ff_video_decoder.c.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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