On 02/11/08 10:39, Arthur Konovalov wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Maybe you could activate the debug outputs in ci.c to see whether VDR
>> actually sends the CA_PMT data to the CAM.
> Sorry for delay, busy weekend...
> I enabled debug outputs in ci.c and made 2 attempts:
> -crypted channel recording (ok files)
> -FTA recording and try to switch to crypted channel (bad files)
> stdout and syslog files attached. vdr-1.5.14 used.

> Feb 11 11:20:18 vdr vdr: [23958] cVideoRepacker: switching to MPEG1/2 mode
> Feb 11 11:20:18 vdr vdr: [23958] cVideoRepacker: operating in MPEG1/2 mode

There is no such output in plain vanilla VDR 1.5.14.

Please run the tests with the original, *unpatched* version 1.5.14
(or, maybe even better, 1.5.13 - since DVB-S2 support isn't going to
be part of version 1.6.0) and use as few plugins as possible (best would
be without *any* plugins).


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