On 02/12/08 20:34, Arthur Konovalov wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> Looks like your CAM can handle multiple parallel decryptions.
>> So I ran the test with a CAM that can do that here, too, but the
>> result was the same as ever - works just fine.
> I give up. May be this is really my CAM's problem because of big silence
> regarding this issue...
> As temporary workaround I added another (USB DVB-C) card, so now it is 
> possible to record FTA and watch *any* other channel at the same time.
>> Which kind of CAM are you using?
> Dilog Conax Cam. Second hand, maybe defective? But with vdr-1.4.x 
> worked. Really confused. I'll try replace it in near future.

Maybe this was because VDR 1.4 never tried to use the multiple
decrypt functionality of CAMs.

Please try commenting out the line

  repliesToQuery = true;

in VDR/ci.c. Does it work then?


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