I demand that 林海 may or may not have written...

> hi, I am from china. I have finished compiling VDR-1.47 and
> vdr-xineliboutput-1.0.0rc2. I want to use xineliboutput with framebuffer in
> textmode. Before I compiled  VDR-1.47 and  vdr-xineliboutput-1.0.0rc2, I
> have set xineliboutput with XINELIBOUTPUT_X11 = 0 XINELIBOUTPUT_FB = 1
[snip; rewrapped to <80 columns]

No, I'm not sorting through that mess of unwrapped text, and I doubt that
anybody else will either. I suggest that if you must use webmail, you find
some other provider. The one which you're using now is just... seriously

(I've not looked at the HTML duplicate. Why should I? Mail is supposed to be
plain text...)

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