Attached is a patch to enable decoding of H264 video streams using the
CoreAVC Win32 DLL, the latest HG clone of xine-lib and Reinhard's
vdr-xine and of course VDR. CoreAVC is a commercial and fast
software-based H264 decoder.

To make this work: -

1) Download the latest mercurial xine-lib (hg clone
2) Patch it (cd xine-lib-1.2 ; patch -p 1 < xine-lib-1.2hg-coreavc.diff)
3) Make and install it in your usual way (e.g. ./autogen.sh
--disable-dxr3 ; make ; make install). You might want to remove old
xine-lib first (rm /usr/local/lib/libxine* ; rm -rf
4) Make and install xine-ui (skip if already installed)
5) mkdir /usr/lib/win32
6) Put CoreAVCDecoder.ax (version 1.5.0 is the only version I can get
working - the version I have is called coreavcdecoder_unpacked.ax) in
7) Remove the old external ff decoder references (rm
/usr/local/lib/xine/plugins/2.0/xineplug_decode_ff.so  ; rm
8) Start VDR -Pxine
9) Run xine (xine  -f -pq -I -V xv -A alsa --post vdr_video --post

You can also tweak some of the CoreAVC settings. See this page for
more details: -


but change ~/.mplayer/registry32 with ~/.xine/win32registry.

Note, to increase performance I have disabled the xine de-interlacer
for H264 streams as by default the CoreAVC deinterlacer is enabled. I
don't think it's as good as the xine de-interlacer, but if you want to
try re-enable xine deint on your CPU (too slow on my 2.6Ghz dual core)
then edit xine's src/libw32dll/w32codec.c and re-enable "int field =
VO_BOTH_FIELDS | VO_INTERLACED_FLAG;" and comment out "int field =

Then you can disable CoreAVC's deinterlacer using the instructions on
code.google.com (registercodec -r ~/.xine/win32registry -k
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\CoreCodec\\CoreAVC Pro\\Deinterlace" -v
3 -t dword)

Note, I haven't written the majority of this patch, it has been
pulled together from about 4 other patches (budice's work on DVBN and
the google code site itself). I have added code to automatically
detect the size of the H264 stream and to set the aspect ratio of the
resultant picture as well as making it apply cleanly (hopefully!)  to
today's HG of xine.

Therefore, the code is nothing more than a total hack and will not
likely see inclusion in xine in it's current form. There is currently
H264 parsing occurring in the demuxer which is probably a "bad thing",
it should be moved out of there. Additionally, I have added a new
variable to the BITMAPINFOHEADER to pass the ratio from the demuxer to
the codec source which is also not ideal, but hey, it works!

It has been pretty stable for me over the last few days and is a vast
improvement over FFMPEG.

Finally, I urge you to go and BUY CoreAVC (http://www.coreavc.com) if
you are using this patch - it's only 15USD.

Let me know if there are any problems and good luck!



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