Rainer Zocholl wrote:
> until he learned that every card in the system MUST
> have a -good- antenna signal, regardless if the card is used or not...
> because EPG scan would use every card and that VDR behaves -unexpectable-
> sick without -good- antenna signals.

I cannot confirm that. My VDR always had strange tuning problems that 
are caused by mysterious hardware problems (including some time on VDR 
1.4.7), so having no signal on DVB-S is not un-typical for my system. I 
also had no issues while experimenting with DVB-T - which typically 
includes having no signal. ;)

I never had a restart due to EPG scan (at least not directly *), and a 
missing signal for live viewing never caused more than a black screen. I 
never had ARM crashes because of signal quality. Restarts only happened 
for me if a recording got no signal.

(* I had some times where tuning card 1 to channel X because of EPG scan 
would cause the recording card 0 to loose signal)



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