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>Rainer Zocholl wrote:
>> until he learned that every card in the system MUST
>> have a -good- antenna signal, regardless if the card is used or
>> not... because EPG scan would use every card and that VDR behaves
>> -unexpectable- sick without -good- antenna signals.

>I cannot confirm that. My VDR always had strange tuning problems that
>are caused by mysterious hardware problems (including some time on VDR
>1.4.7), so having no signal on DVB-S is not un-typical for my system.

1.4.3 had the problem to restart vdr in such cases, beraking all
other recording(*).

This restart is not very noticable in the recording.
Only some 10sec are missing, similar to an intented directors cut. 
If one does not watch live via VDR he would not surely notice
that there is a problem at all.

>I also had no issues while experimenting with DVB-T - which typically
>includes having no signal. ;)

So why i had no "live image" but OSD?
Isn't the ARM not required for the OSD?

>I never had a restart due to EPG scan (at least not directly *), 

Me too (*) :-)
I have to disable EPG scan because i have 3 Cards but only a single LNB!
And, the "Single-LNB-Patch" did still not made its may into the release,
so if EPG scan starts after an unpredictable time it will try to 
switch polarization, what fails and leads to "no a signal condition"
witch is not detected to the EPGscan. So it again and again try to 
switch to that channel (see log in last mail) instead of skipping it.
At least the logfile entries gives that impression.

>and a missing signal for live viewing never caused 
>more than a black screen.

>I never had ARM crashes because of signal quality. 

The crash was detected after i selected a replay,
not because of the (EPG)selected channel dead DVB-T.
I assume that was the reason for the black screen.

Step by step:

  I saw VDR box was running what should not be at that time.
  I turned on the TV-set
  Nothing but a black screen was shown, too no sound.
  I selected channel 1 (DVB-S, ARD)
  I saw the program info in the OSD
  The time was OK, and the Info was current.
  Went into the OSD VDR menu
  Restart VDR (not the box!)
  Nothing changed: Still no live video
  I selected a reecording
  Replay starts with image and sound
  I stopped the replay
  Now live was displayed including audio!

What exactly happend?
Why solves a replay the black screen problem?

After that i turned on ssh and grabbed the log i mailed yesterday.
Saw that for hours VDR tried to swicth to channel 87, what's DVB-T
Found "ARM crashed" message during the replay phase.

Hope it becomes more clearer now?

>Restarts only happened for me if a recording got no signal.

VDR restart did not help.
IOW: During a VDR restart the "crashed" ARM was not detected
and the black screeen state not healed.

>(* I had some times where tuning card 1 to channel X because of EPG
>scan would cause the recording card 0 to loose signal)

Maybe you need the single-LNB patch too? ;-)
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