Hi all.

We are pleased to announce a new release of vdr-iptv plugin. Iptv plugin
is an attempt to add various IPTV reception capabilities to VDR.

This version incorporates support for VDR version 1.5.15. Another new
feature is configurable scanning of PIDs for streams where the full
section information is not available.

This version eliminates global sid scanning configuration option and
instead provides per-channel settings for toggling sid and pid scanning.
These settings are accessible from iptv plugin channel editor and are
stored to channels.conf accordingly.

For a sample of the new channels.conf format as well as full changelog
and plugin download please see plugin homepage:


Note: After new stable VDR version (1.6.0) is available support for VDR
versions below 1.5.xx is likely to be dropped from future iptv plugin

Antti Seppälä

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