New versions of fEPG, Browse and ATSC EPG plugins are now available at

fEPG is a plugin for VDR that provides a graphical way of viewing and 
navigating through EPG data. Almost all aspects of the user interface 
are configurable.

Browse is a plugin for VDR that allows the user to browse Now/Next
EPG data in a small window while watching the current program.

ATSC EPG is a plugin for VDR that can receive schedule and event 
information from ATSC broadcasts. It also includes an integrated ATSC 
channel scanner.

2008-02-24: fEPG Version 0.4.0

- Rewrite of grid generating/drawing code.
- New graphical tool to customise colors.
- Added internationalisation support.
- Added French translations.
- Class cFEpg renamed cFEpgOsd and moved to new files fepgOsd.c/h.
- The function toColor has been simplified, is now a macro.
- Fixed memory leak that occurred when 'newTitle' was used.
- Time interval between columns is now user configurable.
- The number of columns is now user configurable.
- The function DarkenBg can now be disabled in the plugin's menu.
- Width of 'channels' column and height of 'time' row are now
   configurable through the display setup.
- Added support for event ratings (thanks to 2D at DVBN).
- Now using a modified version of cTextWrapper.
- Now checking if channel change was successful before exiting.

2008-02-24: Browse Version 0.2.0

- Fixed minor memory leak.
- Added rounded corners.
- Height and text position are now calculated based on font size.
- Added support for event ratings (thanks to 2D at DVBN).

2008-02-22: ATSC EPG Version 0.1.1

- Rewrote cATSCScanner::UpdateLastLine (was unnecessarily complicated).
- ServiceLocationDescriptor now uses a dynamically allocated array to
   store streams, instead of a std::vector.
- MGT tables is now an array instead of a std::vector.
- Renamed most functions.
- cATSCFilter::Process was too long, new functions have been introduced
   to process the different tables.
- Fixed spelling in cATSCScanner.
- Tables, Channels, Streams and Events are now always passed by

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