Klaus Schmidinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/media/daten/burn$ pic2mpg -v 1 /media/daten/burn/ 
>> /media/daten/burn/dest/
>> ./dscn0015.jpg -> /media/daten/burn/dest//./dscn0015.jpg.mpg
>> ./DSCN00051.JPG -> /media/daten/burn/dest//./DSCN00051.JPG.mpg
>> but wen i call the script with relative paths:
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/media/daten/burn$ pic2mpg -v 1 ./ dest/
>> ./dscn0015.jpg -> dest//./dscn0015.jpg.mpg
>> ./DSCN00051.JPG -> dest//./DSCN00051.JPG.mpg
>> removing ./DSCN00051.JPG.mpg
>> removing ./dscn0015.jpg.mpg
>> dest/: No such file or directory
>> why will the script remove the files?
>> they are in dest/ before ending script.
> From the README file:
> Just don't make the destination directory a subdirectory of
> the source directory, because this would surely lead to problems.

ok, but with relative paths it don't works.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/tests$ ls
dest  source
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/tmp$ pic2mpg -v 1 source dest
./DSCN2155.JPG -> dest/./DSCN2155.JPG.mpg
./DSCN2154.JPG -> dest/./DSCN2154.JPG.mpg
removing ./DSCN2155.JPG.mpg
removing ./DSCN2154.JPG.mpg
dest: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden

the script will create a dest dir in source (/tmp/source/dest/) and
delete the files after finishing.

the script only works with absolute paths correctly.


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