has anybody thought of running VDR on OpenWRT?

The Asus WL-500g Premium is an wlan access point with two USB 2.0 Ports.
It has a 266 MHz Broadcom BCM94704 MIPS CPU and is running linux.


It is possible to connect a harddrive and some USB DVB-S cards via USB
to the access point.

So VDR has to be compiled for the MIPS architecture.

The benefit of an access point is that it makes absolutly no noice,
is quite inexpensive and takes less electricity.

It would be great if the access point could record videos on its harddisk
and share them over network via samba or stream it...

Is this possible? Any ideas?

Thanks, Artem

Artem Makhutov
Unterort Str. 36
D-65760 Eschborn

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