E-tobi's experimental VDR branch moved to 1.5.x series, so I did too,
but I'm running into some problems. Specifically, this one:

Mar  4 21:05:22 dvd vdr: [17719] dxr3: colormanager: bummer, too many
 sections (14), reusing last one

I digged archives and found out the reason apparently is that DXR3
doesn't completely support 8-bit OSD but claims to do so. Result is OSD
that's made illegible by tearing white lines etc.

Ok, so the solution for OSD (and default themes?) seems to be to turn
off the anti-aliasing, which then reduces number of colors enough to
make it work.

However, there's still the problem of (DVB) subtitles: similar tearing
makes the subtitles unusable. On top of that, opening an OSD when there
are subtitles seems to make VDR crash and burn.

Has anyone had the same problem and possibly even come up with the

 Sami Sundell

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