Ales Jurik wrote:
> My result is that the problem with stucked motor appears with new multiproto 
> driver. When I'm using multiproto from 21.12. no problem appears at all.
I couldn't repeat that but I didn't find exactly that multiproto driver.

But I noticed that zapping works reliably with between channels in 
different positions with LNB tone off (frequency < 11700, if I got this 
right...). V/H polarization didn't matter (13V or 18V LNB voltage). 
There should be 15 ms tone off between DiSEqC messages and continuous 
tone that might not happen with rotor plugin and this DVB driver. I 
wonder if that could be the reason?

I wish the GotoX would be better integrated to vdr's DiSEqC 
architecture. Now it looks a bit flaky, rotor plugin seems to monitor 
channel switch events in status.c. I wonder if additing tone off 
controls around gotox transmission would have impact to tuning where 
tone and voltage are set?


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