> I have installed the plugin with apt-get.... , no problem
>  vdr -V
> vdr (1.5.16/1.5.15) - The Video Disk Recorder
> but when I run vdr with the plugin I got
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~# vdr -P"xineliboutput --local=sxfe --video=xv 
> --audio=alsa 
> --remote=none"
> vdr: ./PLUGINS/lib/libvdr-xineliboutput.so.1.5.15: kan gedeeld 
> objectbestand niet openen: Bestand of map bestaat niet ( can't open 
> objectfile.File or map is not existing)
> what is here still missing
> Gaston

Man, you have some confusion here! Looks like you are mixing up 
different vdr versions. I guess you compiled vdr on your own (1.5.16) 
and installed xineliboutput from the Ubuntu 7.10 repos which was built 
for vdr 1.4.7. That will never work! So if you want to get anything 
running just compile *everything* from source or install *everything* 
via apt-get.
Furthermore, if you are not using the default paths where vdr is looking 
for the needed libs, you need to specify them via command line 
parameters ('man vdr' is your friend). Good luck :-)

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