On Wednesday 05 of March 2008, Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:
> I couldn't repeat that but I didn't find exactly that multiproto driver.


I'm testing it with this one - 
I've only changed some print and debug options in my tests.

> But I noticed that zapping works reliably with between channels in
> different positions with LNB tone off (frequency < 11700, if I got this
> right...). V/H polarization didn't matter (13V or 18V LNB voltage).
> There should be 15 ms tone off between DiSEqC messages and continuous
> tone that might not happen with rotor plugin and this DVB driver. I
> wonder if that could be the reason?

Yes, my fault - I've switched between satellites only on lower band. But with 
newest version of multiproto also this was not possible. But I'm using it 
with cascade switch/motor, so my tests could have different results.



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