On Thursday 06 of March 2008, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Sorry, I don't speak Czech, so I can't follow what's going on there.


there is nothing more than I've tried to put into this maillist except 

> With the recent change at least the Czech channels should work
> properly again. Can you confirm that?

Yes, I confirm that. Similar solution was proposed by bastlir at the forum (he 
proposed to comment out the line your patch is deleting). 

> For version 1.6.0 there's nothing more I can do than using the environment
> variable. Maybe later I'll introduce a "workaround-provider-stupidity.conf"
> ;-)

I agree with you but I'm afraid that such communications with broadcasters 
will give no results. This maybe will be successfull when big producers of 
sat boxes will make such pression too. But it seems that for them is more 
efficient to make localization which is compliant to broadcasters not to sat 



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