On Thursday 06 March 2008, Luca Olivetti wrote:

> Yes, it should be in cvs, the only thing missing is calling the cOsd
> constructor with Level instead of 0

That's right - all patches posted for the DXR3 plugin are now in CVS, thanks 
again to everyone involved.

However, Luca and Ville A, you seem to be using different patches to VDR's 
dvbsubtitle.c - looks like Luca's contains all the changes in Ville A's, but 
comments those out and uses something else instead.

Unless a better fix emerges, I'm quite interested in including one of these in 
the upcoming VDR 1.6.x package for Fedora and also ship it in the DXR3 plugin 
tarball (possibly modified so that it's only enabled if the primary device is 
a DXR3 if possible), but I don't quite follow which would be the preferred 

Could you compare and comment (off-list is fine, this may be getting a bit off 
topic for the general VDR public)?


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