Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On Thursday 06 March 2008, Luca Olivetti wrote:
>> Yes, it should be in cvs, the only thing missing is calling the cOsd
>> constructor with Level instead of 0
> That's right - all patches posted for the DXR3 plugin are now in CVS, thanks 
> again to everyone involved.
> However, Luca and Ville A, you seem to be using different patches to VDR's 
> dvbsubtitle.c - looks like Luca's contains all the changes in Ville A's, but 
> comments those out and uses something else instead.
> Unless a better fix emerges, I'm quite interested in including one of these 
> in 
> the upcoming VDR 1.6.x package for Fedora and also ship it in the DXR3 plugin 
> tarball (possibly modified so that it's only enabled if the primary device is 
> a DXR3 if possible), but I don't quite follow which would be the preferred 
> one.
> Could you compare and comment (off-list is fine, this may be getting a bit 
> off 
> topic for the general VDR public)?

Preferably on-list, as I'm planning a similar conditional patch for
Mandriva VDR 1.6.x packages. That is, unless something better emerges.


Anssi Hannula

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